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— Updates

06/27/14 - [02] Eclipse updated.
05/24/14 - Codes Pages updated.
05/24/14 - TOU layout and terms updated.
05/24/14 - Layout updated to YT Model B
05/24/14 - Released [04] Problem
01/15/14 - [03] Discontinued
01/07/14 - Layout changed to YT
01/07/14 - [01] Toxic, [01.1] Toxic+ released.
01/07/14 - [03] Toxic+ Complete released.
01/06/14 - new static previews for [01], [02]
01/06/14 - TOU Page updated
01/05/14 - Layout changed to Despair
01/04/14 - Released [02] Eclipse
01/03/14 - [01] updated.
12/27/13 - [01] Russian Roulette released.
12/27/13 - Yojimbo Themes comes online.
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— Stats

opened: december 27th, 2013
full themes: 3 available.
page themes: 2 available.
ask box: open
hiatus status: semi-hiatus (indefinite)
theme optimization: Google Chrome & Resolutions 1366 x 768 and higher

Anonymous asked: Hello! I just wanted to thank you for making these themes. I'm using "trouble" right now and it's the easiest theme I've ever set up. No problems installing cursors or music, the theme itself is beautiful, and it generally seems flawless! I know how much work that is, and really wanted to thank you for taking the time to make them, AND post them for free, AND help the people who've asked. You're a lifesaver <3

thank you so much ~ it means a lot c;

August 27th — and with 0 notes

an update kinda


just so you all know

this blog is a fallback/hobby of mine and only that. I may go a long time without posting things if I’m doing other things/not inspired.

I check my ask box once every few days (more or less)


you are not obligated to follow this blog if you use one of my themes

thanks loves


August 27thvia and with 2 notes

Anonymous asked: When I try to click the themes link it just logs me out.

Your problem is that you lack consideration and basic reading comprehension.

August 27th — and with 0 notes

Anonymous asked: Link for theme 3 is broken.

Theme 3 was removed a long time ago.

July 20th — and with 0 notes

→ // Theme Update: [02] E C L I P S E

[02] Eclipse has been updated

  1. Paginaton changed to 1-2-3-4-5 format
  2. Cleaned letter spacing and centering on title
  3. Made all borders unanimous choice (no longer setting a border for each thing but just one border which applies to it all)
  4. You can no longer select “no border” due to technical bugs it caused in the theme
  5. Credit visuals updated (to current design)
  6. Under-the-hood recode for the 10 optional links
  7. Fixed fading problem (where it would fade in 0s instead of 0.3s)
  8. Added option for “Time ago” or “Day/Month” post options
  9. Added reblog button
  10. "Source" changed to Copyright symbol
  11. Other minor bugfixes

As usual, please report any problems to me so I can fix them!

The Pastebin has been updated to you can get the new code through my themes page!

June 27th — and with 0 notes

Anonymous asked: Hello, I'm using your theme Eclipse (which is quite lovely, by the way!), but I have issues with the blockquotes on any type of posts not showing up. Do you know any way I could go about fixing this? Thanks!!

Sorry, but you’ll have to message me off of anonymous so I can actually look at the code. I can’t help much if I can’t see the problem.

June 27th — and with 0 notes

Anonymous asked: What is the size of the right sidebar image in your 02 eclipse theme?

If I remember correctly, 300 x 450.

June 27th — and with 0 notes

Anonymous asked: When I click on the "Themes" link at the top of your TOU page it logs me out of tumblr. This is /very/ annoying. Please can you change the link?


June 27th — and with 0 notes

Please do not use themes from “customizemytumblr”.


This blog - customizemytumblr - is redistributing themes that don’t belong to them, as well as sticking their own credit in the codes for “providing/hosting” them and charging $10 if you need help installing it. Please find the originals instead.

June 1stvia and source with 901 notes

Anonymous asked: how do i add a reblogg button?
  1. Click on “posted x days ago”
  2. Top right corner it says “Reblog”

if you mean adding a button that says “Reblog” below the post, I’m sure you can find a tutorial with Google.

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