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— Updates

01/15/14 - [03] Discontinued
01/07/14 - Layout changed to YT
01/07/14 - [01] Toxic, [01.1] Toxic+ released.
01/07/14 - [03] Toxic+ Complete released.
01/06/14 - new static previews for [01], [02]
01/06/14 - TOU Page updated
01/05/14 - Layout changed to Despair
01/04/14 - Released [02] Eclipse
01/03/14 - [01] updated.
12/27/13 - [01] Russian Roulette released.
12/27/13 - Yojimbo Themes comes online.
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opened: december 27th, 2013
full themes: 2 available.
page themes: 2 available.
ask box: open
hiatus status: semi-hiatus (7-10 days)
theme optimization: Google Chrome & Resolutions 1366 x 768 and higher

an update kinda

just so you all know

this blog is a fallback/hobby of mine and only that. I may go a long time without posting things if I’m doing other things/not inspired.

I check my ask box once every few days (more or less)


you are not obligated to follow this blog if you use one of my themes

thanks loves


February 16th — and with 0 notes

Anonymous asked: do we need to inform you of which theme we'd like to use if we plan on using the full theme?

You only need to tell me if you are taking a piece of my code to use in someone else’s theme. If you are using one of my themes and it has my credit in the bottom corner then you don’t need to tell me anything.

February 2nd — and with 0 notes

Anonymous asked: Are we allowed to use a full theme? What i mean is that you say part of a code, does that mean we cannot use the whole code?

That is for taking a piece of my code to use in your own code. Yes, you may use my full themes. That rule is for i.e. taking the custom HTML for the sidebar in one of my themes and pasting it into your theme that was made by a different theme maker or yourself.

January 30th — and with 0 notes

Anonymous asked: Hello~! I really like your Eclipse theme. But, I was wondering if there was a way to at least relocate the "Billy Argel Fonts" logo that shows up beside the title? I noticed that it didn't show up in the static preview. I'm using your Eclipse theme for my roleplay blog, and the logo sort of throws the mood off a little.

I’m not quite sure what you mean; I haven’t heard of a problem like this with this theme. Try reinstalling the theme completely (delete everything and repaste the source code). If that doesn’t work then please send me a message off anon so I can address it one-on-one. c:

January 30th — and with 0 notes

Anonymous asked: I wanted to know if you could pass me the codes directly from a message, I find it easier so, please

Send me a message off anon ~

January 20th — and with 0 notes

Anonymous asked: I was wondering how to make the pictures appear all of them, in color

I’m quite sorry I don’t understand your question…

Could you elaborate a little?

Which theme? What exactly are you trying to do?

January 16th — and with 1 note

UPDATE: JANUARY 15TH, 2013 [ Information about Toxic Theme ]

I’ve decided that I am removing the masonry version of Toxic completely for the following aesthetic reasons:

As well, I’ve decided to remove the masonry version of Toxic for the following technical reasons:

  1. I am not good at working with masonry (grid themes in general are the devil) so updating it would be hell
  2. The permalink page has problems
  3. Video playback: 
    • On the main theme, the video player mixes with other posts.
    • On the permalink page, the video player jumps down the page.
  4. Text posts:
    • On the main theme, if there are large photos, they will mix with other posts. (As far as I know, this is just a grid theme problem in general)
    • I believe this is the same on the permalink page (?)

So, as of today, the full Toxic theme is discontinued. The download is completely removed from the TOU page for the theme. Yes, you may keep the theme if you already have it. Just know that I am not providing help for this theme any longer. 

I hope to release a more customizable, single-column version of Toxic in the future—but I have no idea when that will be. 

To be clear: There are three statuses of themes I have, 

  1. Active
    • themes that are available and I provide support for
  2. Retired
    • themes that are available but I no longer provide support for
  3. Discontinued (aka Deceased)
    • themes that are not available and I no longer provide support for (though they still may be used if already installed)

Sorry for any problems anyone has had with this theme—it really is a shame but oh well~

I’ll be off hiatus in a few days and I’ll release a new theme (I have had one finished since before I even concepted Toxic) I just have to make some adjustments and not let these problems slip by me again.

January 15th — and with 0 notes


There is a problem with video display on the code so I’m suspending the download until I figure out what’s wrong.

You are more than welcome to continue using the theme if you already have it installed—just know that video playback on your theme may not work correctly.

I won’t be able to work on it until after finals—I am so sorry for the trouble.

NOTE: I wiil also be looking into problems with Eclipse on the Mozilla Firefox browser.

EDIT JANUARY 16TH: Theme completely removed, see here for details.

January 15th — and with 2 notes

now-we-are-brothers asked: Hello! It's about you eclipse theme.. It may sound stupid but I can't found any icon that goes to the next page..

I’m sorry you’re having trouble!

The pagination can be found here


EDIT: Reminder to everyone that my themes are optimized for Google Chrome and may not display the same way on different browsers!

↠ Semi-Hiatus 「7-10 days」

I have finals next week so I won’t be able to make or upload any themes/pages/etc. I will still answer asks & I will try to reblog resources. yeahbasicallythatsitlol

January 9th — and with 0 notes

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