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— Updates

06/27/14 - [02] Eclipse updated.
05/24/14 - Codes Pages updated.
05/24/14 - TOU layout and terms updated.
05/24/14 - Layout updated to YT Model B
05/24/14 - Released [04] Problem
01/15/14 - [03] Discontinued
01/07/14 - Layout changed to YT
01/07/14 - [01] Toxic, [01.1] Toxic+ released.
01/07/14 - [03] Toxic+ Complete released.
01/06/14 - new static previews for [01], [02]
01/06/14 - TOU Page updated
01/05/14 - Layout changed to Despair
01/04/14 - Released [02] Eclipse
01/03/14 - [01] updated.
12/27/13 - [01] Russian Roulette released.
12/27/13 - Yojimbo Themes comes online.
— Recent Release
— Stats

opened: december 27th, 2013
full themes: 3 available.
page themes: 2 available.
ask box: open
hiatus status: semi-hiatus (indefinite)
theme optimization: Google Chrome & Resolutions 1366 x 768 and higher

Content Pack #1: Toxic+ Complete by YojimboThemes & Acidic 

Page 01. Toxic (About Me Page)
Page 01.1 Toxic+ (Hiatus Page)
Theme 03. Toxic
Color Scheme & Graphics for customization*

There is a lot of information so it’s under the cut!

*NOTE: My themes are optimized for Google Chrome on screen resolution 1366 x 768, however, they should look fine on different resolutions. (Courtesy of Screenfly)

*It is requested that you only use the graphics on these three themes. You may customize them however you wish, just please only use them on these three themes!

Pages 01 & 01.1 — Toxic (About Me Page) & Toxic+ (Hiatus Page)

Both — 250 x 250 Sidebar, Custom Quote, 

Toxic — 6 Links, Description with two different classifications to put things about yourself (such as name, age, likes, dislikes, hobbies, favorites bands, etc.)

↳ Toxic+ — Ask box incorporated into the page, 3 link classifications to describe your hiatus (perhaps the reason you are on a hiatus or when you will return), a spot for a countdown (if you have a planned return time)

↳ The top bar can hold an extremely long title
↳ Feel free to add or remove links
↳ It’s easy to delete parts of the descriptions that you do not want (EX: On Toxic if you do not want to state your favorite bands or on Toxic+ if you do not want a countdown)

↳ Both pages follow the color scheme.

↳ It’s really easy to turn the pages into different pages (you could turn it into a custom networking page or something relatively easy)

↳ If you are customizing these please pay very close attention to which graphics you need to use.

↳ If you don’t want to use the graphics provided you do not have to (just don’t use them for a different theme)

Theme 03 — Toxic+ Complete (Theme Page)

↳ Primary & Secondary color scheme (with other details kept separate) 

↳ 262 x 262 Sidebar Image (It’s an awkward size but it will stretch your image automatically, the preview is using a 250 x 250 image)

↳ Rounded Corners switch sides on hover

↳ 3 Optional Custom Links

↳ Optional Updates Tab (top left) 

↳ Optional Music Player (bottom left)

↳ Optional Bottom-Right Image (looks best with transparent background, if you don’t want one then just don’t upload one)

↳ Optional borders for sidebar, top bar & bottom bar. The color is the Secondary Color option and the border options are: no border, solid, dotted, dashed, double.

↳ 400px Posts, 2 Columns, Infinite Scrolling

↳ Option to hide Photo/Video post captions

↳ Title on top bar, Credits are on the bottom (You may edit the title/top bar but do not edit the black bottom bar in any way at all)

↳ Top & Bottom Overlays (the graphics are in the graphic pack so you can change the colors to match the theme) If you don’t want the overlays, don’t upload any.

↳ Photos are 0.7 opacity and they become 1.0 opacity on hover

↳ Asker’s portraits are rounded

↳ In order to get the background, you will have to “Clear” and re “Upload” the image. 

↳ The top bar can hold an extremely long title

↳ Do not edit the bottom bar in any way at all other than the border-style/color provided in the metatags (it is the credits for the theme [this includes the text in the bottom bar. don’t edit it.] )

↳ The entire HTML has notes to help you if you plan on editing the HTML. Everything except the Updates tab has metatags, so you won’t need to edit the actual HTML unless you plan on using the Updates tab (reminder: you can edit the theme as much as you want as long as you do not edit the bottom bar or its content in any way

↳ Check the TOU for all the terms of the theme

01. Follow this tutorial on how to use the music player (simply paste the code you get into the spot titled “Music Player Code”)

02. You will have to edit the HTML in order to use the updates tab but don’t worry! I’ve marked the whole HTML from start to finish. Push “CTRL + F” to open the search when you are in the HTML and search for Updates Bar Start and it will take you directly to the part of the code you have to edit to use it!

03. Likewise, the rest of the code is also mapped out with <!—-> and /******/ tags so so you can sift through it and tweak everything to your liking.

04. There are metatags for uploading the overlays, etc. so you really don’t have to go through the HTML at all if you don’t want to (I tried to make it as user friendly as possible)

05. If you encounter any problems PLEASE contact me here so I can fix them!

Graphics Pack

↳ Includes all necessary graphics needed to edit the themes.
↳ Do not use the graphics anywhere than on these themes. (They were custom made for these themes)
↳ You may use the color scheme anywhere (It is just a color scheme, feel free to use it wherever you wish) You do not need to credit me if you do not want to, but it would be nice (they are colors, I do not own the colors so you do not need to credit me)
↳ The graphics are provided so that you may change the colors in order to further edit your theme.



01. Toxic (About Me Page) Static Preview

01.1 Toxic+ (Hiatus Page) Static Preview

Downloads + Code 

All the codes can be found [ x ]

Graphic Pack — [ x ]

If there are any problems, please contact me here.

I spent ~10 hours on the full theme itself, and ~3-4 hours on the page themes (1 1/2-2 hrs each)

Please like/reblog if you are using/plan on using any of these three themes.

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